Barry M - Dragon

Today I have a very soft and girly manicure. It's my new Barry M - Dragon, with an accent using Barry M - Blueberry. When I fist bought Barry M - Dragon I thought it was going to be a very soft pink, and was surprised to see that it has some shimmer in it. Not much, but a little hint of shimmer.

Both from the Gelly collection.
Blueberry applied very smooth and nice, while as I was having more trouble with Dragon. I suppose it's fitting for the name... it did bring the dragon out in me. I think I ended up having to use three coats of Dragon while as I only used one coat of Blueberry. My main problem with Dragon was that it didn't even out properly, and after two coats I could still see a VNL. So after those three coats, it dried sloooowly.

I'm very happy with Barry M - Dragon though. That must be said. Time will tell if it stained my nails or not, being a blue, and all...

I kept looking at my mani wondering if I should do some nail art on it. What do you girls think?
I am open for suggestions.


My little Boots Haul

There is always one of those 3 for 2 offers running around, and this time I wanted to take advantage of the offer on Boots (UK). Basically anything in the makeup isle at Boots was on this offer. In terms of hauling, this is just a little one.

I  have been eyeing the Gelly Collection for a while, and purchased Barry M - Watermelon a while back, this time I bought a bunch of others from the collection, as well as some of the Silk Collection.

From the Gelly Collection
Barry M - Blueberry
Barry M - Dragon
Barry M - Lychee
Barry M - Plum

From the Silk Collection
Barry M - Meadow
Barry M - Blossom

I might go back and purchase more from these collections, but will see how they work for me first, this specially goes for the Silk Collection. I'm in love with how awesome Barry M - Watermelon was, so hoping the rest of the Gelly's are as awesome. Will systematically work my way through these polishes as the days come, so watch this space for some swatches and nail art with them.

I want to add some more white to Barry M - Lychee, I think that would be the perfect background for paper/newspaper manicures. If I do, there will be a franken post about it.

As you can see, I also bought another Nail Rock, I have quite the selection of these now, so I might have to try them out at one point, just waiting for the perfect moment. Well... it's like they say. There is no such thing as a perfect moment, you have to create it.

Hope you enjoyed my little haul. I will be back tomorrow with some swatches for you ladies.


The Secretary's - Franken - Beauty in the Beholder

This is the story about how a polish named "Beauty in the Beholder" came to life.

I have always wanted to make a polish with this name, and for a long time I have been wondering what such a polish would look like. When +Michelle Chouinard  from Lacquer of Leave Her! told me about (from whom I have recently ordered two glitter polishes from), this polish-name came back to me. As for how and what on the glitter polishes, that's a story for another time. 
I was looking at the shimmer options on, and thought to myself: "that blue looks exactly like something I got, and so does that grey there. I wonder if they make a good match". So I went ahead and mixed them right up. 

I also made another franken polish, with a slightly different combo, still with the same gunmetal grey colour as base I will have it up later this week. So in order of all things polish, for this, I mixed equal parts of BeYu - 377 and NYC - 272 Bowery Black. I then added a little gem to the polish bottle. 

Franken by The Secretary's Nail Art - Beauty in the Beholder

Franken by The Secretary's Nail Art - Beauty in the Beholder

There you have it, another franken by The Secretary's Nail Art. That makes it a total of four polishes that I have franken'd in my life. What do you think? Do you franken your own polishes sometimes as well?
Let me know in the comments below.


The Girl Behind The Blog

I haven't been blogging a lot lately, cause I have been busy with another project. Modelling.
I was told to keep my talons neutral, so they wouldn't be a distraction from what we where actually trying to shoot, so my nails have been naked quite a lot lately. And that's very sad. Very very sad.

But I got some great pictures to show for it, and I wanted to share them with you.
I have selected one picture from each photo shoot, to ensure variation and to keep it interesting.
Hope you like them!


The Easter Eggs Hatched

Since Easter is all about bunnies and chickens, I present to you:
Squee Ember the cutest bunny in Bristol, UK.

Used with permission from Squee, and Sam Ember.

Today I have for you an Easter Egg manicure. I don't really celebrate Easter, but I love holidays, so I am throwing myself into this one as well.

Last year I did three different Easter manicures, all using the same background polish.
Field of Marigolds
Easter Nails - A skittle Adventure
Easter Nails

I have been on the lookout for a really good yellow polish for this years Easter manicure. I even bought a yellow texture! 
But even so, when it was time to do Easter nails again, I  am tempted to go for the same polish as last year. I managed to stay away, and opted for this B*O polish instead, that I bought from Born Pretty Store. It's called 62, and it's more like an orangey-yellow.

I used 3 coats of B*O - 62 for this manicure and finished it off with Sally Hansen - Sugar Coat - Sugar Fix. I also added some wings, eyes and beak using Nordic Cap - NP07, Sinful Color - Snow Me White (I have also bought myself a backup of this polish as it's running very low), and Wet n Wild - Black( I really need a backup of this, very soon)

Happy Easter Everyone!
For more Easter-manis click here.

MoYou-London - Mother Nature Collection - News

More Moyou-Lonon plate awesomeness! Today waited another mail from Moyou-London for me in my inbox. For those of you that don't follow their newsletter, you can read it here. 

Guess what? It's another Friday, spring has sprung, and I am happy to announce the new release of the week. This time 5 more plates from the:
We like her, she is all earthy and stuff. So let's be a bit more environmental this weekend! 
These 5 plates will be released this Friday the 18th of April.A great weekend to all! The MoYou-London Team

The Hipster Collection they released previously this month where not really my thing, but looking at these plates they have added to the Mother Nature Collection, I know for sure I have to get my hands on some of them. Let me walk you through each plate, and tell you what I think.

Spring just hit us, and even though this plate says more 'Autumn' to me, it's definitely getting on my "to-buy-list". I love the selection of leaves on this plate, the details are fantastic, and I just LOVE the added branches to this. This will be perfect for creating all kinds of fall/autumn manicures. I can also see myself using the branches to create a spooky Halloween manicure.  Let me also point out the series of leaves to the right on this plate, its like the wind blew them of the branch. Perfect.

This plate takes us out to the jungle. I like the vortex looking sun on this plate, I think its really cool, and also kinda creepy. It's creepy cause I ones saw this Japanese scary movie with my brother, that was all about vortexes. Ever since, vortexes kinda creeps me out. I like the monkey hanging from a branch, he looks like "Curious George". This plate also got giraffes, a lion and a tiger, if you like animal print nails, why not mix them up with an accent with the animal? The birds on this plate are also very cool. Thematically this is a very solid plate in my mind. 

You know those lumberjack- prints from the Hipster collection? Well this plate definitely works well with that. A farmers stamping plate. You got a scarecrow (that looks more cute than scary) here, are you thinking what I'm thinking? With the 08 plate from this collection, you are getting pretty close to being able to pull of a "Wizard of Oz"- themes manicure. I just adore the clouds on this plate, they look like the clouds you see in Animes, so I'm thinking "Kiki Delivery Service" manis, or something along those lines. 
In the front you got your selection of corn images. 

This is a very nice plate for the season we are in right now. Butterfly manicures never go out of style. I'm thinking a nice holo background with these stamped over. The possibilities with this plate is endless, which is also why this is one of the plates I just have to buy. It's such a gorgeous plate, I will let is speak for itself. 

This plate is lovely. I love the bench, the trees, the flowers. Oh my, it's so gorgeous. Three different rose- designs there, some hibiscus flowers.. I'm in love. 

So all in all, I love these additions to the Mother Nature Collection. The farmer, an jungle plate is not really my style (though it might be yours), but I will definitely look into getting the rest of them.

What do you think of the new plates?


Want my Bawdy in foil

The title made me giggle, so I had to use it. No I am not going to undergo some weird-ass spa-treatment. It is ofcourse, nail polish related. It's no other than China Glaze - Want My Bawdy, with silver foil over it, and some stamping.

I decided to use some of the foils I bought at TGR in Norway while I was on my Christmas holiday.
I am trying to do a manicure with everyone of these foils. I was asked if they all preformed the same. So why not try them all out (?)
The foil came in a set of 4 and it cost NOK 10 (£1). They don't require foil glue or anything, just a sticky surface. so polish your nails with the base colour you want, wait until it goes tacky and apply the foil. Easy as that. For the record of all things foil. I used Gina Tricot Basecoat and Topcoat for this manicure, like last time.
I have already used the other three from this set, and you can see that by clicking hereherehere, and here
The other reason for doing this combo, was the magical trick I just learned. How to avoid streaks on polishes. It's very simple actually. Sponge the last coat. Why didn't I think of that?!

I also added some nail stamping using Cheeky Jumbo plate 3  European Romance.

I used two coats of China Glaze - Want My Bawdy and then sponged the third coat. When it was tacky I added the foil, and added topcoat before and after stamping. I stamped using Wet n Wild - Black.

I was so proud over how well these swatches turned out, I had to add a few extra pictures of it, last time I tried this polish, I had streaks, and bubbles. However, I must add, the stamping I did last time was gorgeous. You can see the post here. 

Hope you are all having a great start on the Easter Weekend. I will be back soon with some Easter manicures.
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